few days ago, exactly in the midle of November 2009. platinum longue launch a new socialize site. this new socialize site centered in Virginia, USA, and the name is www.irimz.com

irimz has different concept with the others socialize sites such as Friendster, facebook, or twiter. this site realy cool, and concepted to competited with facebook and myspace existance. irimz will pay Us about $5 for every refferals that we get, and also no limitation for referrals that we can get, beside that we will get point with everything that we've done there, such as give comment to your friend, reply your friend comment ect, point over there called with "coconut" so many coconuts that you get, so much cash that you earn...it's sound interesting...

but more interesting when irimz offer Us to get $10 for every refferals that upgrade their account become "club rilla" or "celeb rilla",upgrading membership for club rilla is $1,99 and become celeb rilla is $99,95, each option of membership have diferent benefits. just information that during next 10 months to be member of this site still free, but when you're sign up to be member after next 10 months you have to pay.

how to sign up and become the member?
you're only need to enter the site www.irimz.com, and then create you account there just like when you're sign up in the other socialize sites is like facebook. if you want to add your photos in your account just go to "my page" and upload your photos there

here some benefits that irimz offer you when you upgrade your membership:

* Travel Club
* Financial & Tax Advice
* Recreational Vehicle Rental & Sales
* Flower & Gift Baskets
* Plow & Hearth
* Popcorn Factory
* Moving Services
* Magazine & Book Savings
* Car/Truck Acquisition
* Fitness Equipment & Supplies
* Hotel & Motel Savings
* Car Rental Savings
* Office Supplies & Printing
* Hearing Aid & Professional Services
* Prescription Drug Savings Walk-in
* Prescription Drug Savings Mail Order
* Diabetes Supply Savings
* Medical Financing
* Legal Referral Network
* Identity Theft Services
* Chiropractic Services
* Physician Online (eDoc America)
* $500 Travel & Entertaiment Card
* Many more benefits to let you live like a celebrity...

are there other socialize sites that offer Us like this site, I'm not sure.

and the last information that I want to share with you is about paid methode, every months irimz will count "coconut" that we have collect, and also referral that we have, after that irimz will paid Us by Paypal, so before the offerings of free membership end I suggest you to sign up and create your account now.......

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  1. Anonim Says:

    Thanks bos atas masukannya.. Maklum pemula.. Bos koq gk da iklanx,klo da qt saling klak klik iklan yuk?? D irimz pke nama apa? N d yuwie apa?

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